A Short Title Attribute Has Been Added To Google Shopping



Google shopping ads now has a short title option

Google Merchant Center now supports a short title attribute in Google shopping feeds. According to Google, the short title [short title] feature can be used to quickly and clearly identify the goods you're selling.

This differs from the title [title] element in that "the value you supply for the short title [short title] attribute should be succinct and will only be used in browsy circumstances, such as Discovery campaigns or Shopping advertisements on Gmail," according to Google.

Google Shopping Ads now has a short title attribute

Use a brief title that accurately defines your product.
Be succinct. While the title [title] element is meant to match a consumer's search to your products, the short title [short title] attribute is used to show your product in browsy experiences in a more brief manner.

Describe the product that is displayed on your landing page. Ensure that the short title [short title] accurately represents the product to which you're linking. While the short titles you supply for products in your product data don't have to match the material on your landing pages all of the time, they should always relate to the same product.

Use language that is professional and grammatically correct. Correct language is simple to comprehend and presents a professional image, which might result in more clicks. Avoid gimmicky attention-getting techniques like all caps, symbols, HTML tags, and promotional text. Find out more about the editorial and professional standards.
If you're talking about a product having a foreign name, don't employ words from other languages unless they're well understood.
If you want to emphasize anything, don't use capital letters. Spam and untrustworthy adverts frequently use capitalized text. When it's suitable, capitalization should be used for abbreviations, phone numbers, nations, and currency. "ADHD," "UNICEF," "1-555-CALL-NOW," "UK," and "USD," for example.

Please do not include any promotional text. Price, sale price, sale dates, shipping, delivery date, other time-related information, or your company's name should not be included. Combine this data with other properties like sale price [sale price] and shipment [shipping].
Excessive white space should be avoided. Instead, use those letters to describe your offering in a more efficient way.

The Best Practices

Keep your short titles to 65 characters or less. Depending on the size of their screen, users usually only see the first 65 characters of a short title.
Prioritize the most crucial elements. Users don't always read the entire headline, especially when scrolling quickly in browsy situations. Be succinct.
If the brand name is a differentiator, include it. If you sell products from a variety of brands and the brand is a distinguishing feature of the product, include the brand name in the product title so that customers know who makes the item you're selling.

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