Google Ads Will Create And Display More Ad Extensions in Search Results



Google Ads will create and display more ad extensions in search results.
Sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets are just a few of the ad extensions that Google has stated will be available in the near future. This includes a mechanism to review and control automatically developed extensions, as well as a new way to see extensions using Google's machine learning.

Google Ads Extensions that are Automated

Google Ads automatic extensions will be eligible to show alongside their manually generated equivalents in the middle of March, according to Google. "For example, if your ad only has two manually-created sitelinks that are eligible to show," Google Ads noted, "Google Ads can now show two dynamic sitelinks as well, giving your ad a total of four sitelinks."

Previously, if you provided manually-created sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets, dynamic sitelinks, callouts, and dynamic structured snippets were not eligible to show with your ad. That isn't the case now.

You'll also be able to see individual reporting for these automated extensions in the Google Ads console's "Extensions page." Look for "Automatically produced" extensions in the table view of the Extensions page to discover which automated extensions are shown with your advertising. Again, this will go live in mid-March:

Automated Google Ads Extensions

More Ad Extensions Will Be Served By Google

Google Ads will be eligible to display alongside extensions of the same kind from lower levels in your account when sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets from higher levels in your account are anticipated to boost your performance. According to Google, this will also begin in mid-March. Previously, creating these ad extensions at a finer level would prevent higher-level extensions of the same type from serving.

Here's a visual representation of the before and after:

A visual representation of Google site link extensions
Here is how Ginny Marvin put it:

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