Meta's New Company Values are Announced by Mark Zuckerberg


 In a letter emailed to all Meta workers, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the company's new Values.

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Meta’s New Company Values

As Facebook moves to Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduces new business principles highlighting Meta's vision for the future in an effort to redefine the firm's public image.

In a letter written today to all Meta workers, Zuckerberg detailed the modifications to the company's values and explained what they represent.

When Meta was known as Facebook, their mission statement was famously: "Move fast and break stuff."

Those values were subsequently revised to "Give individuals the power to form communities and bring the globe closer together" as the company grew.

The company, currently known as Meta, does not have a single goal statement.

Rather, Zuckerberg is creating a set of ideals that will guide the company's daily operations.

Meta is resurrecting the "Move Fast" mantra, but this time without the wild abandon of "breaking things."

These are Meta's new company values, which are detailed in the parts below:

Move Quickly

Concentrate on the long-term effects.

Make Amazing Things

Populate the Future

Meta, Metamates, Me

Because it's not immediately clear what these ideals entail (especially the last one), Zuckerberg delves deeper into each of them.

Meta's New Business Values

Move Quickly

This value emphasizes taking action quickly while removing roadblocks to high-priority objectives.

Zuckerberg emphasizes the necessity of working quickly as a team, rather than individuals going quickly on their own.

"Move Fast enables us to build and learn at a faster rate than our competitors. This entails responding quickly and not procrastinating on tasks that may be completed today. At our scale, this also means working consistently to boost the velocity of our most important activities by meticulously removing roadblocks. It's about moving quickly as a team — not just as individuals — in the same direction."

Concentrate on the long-term effects.

This principle emphasizes the need of keeping the organization focused on long-term goals rather than being distracted by short-term gains.

"Focus on Long-Term Effect pushes us to consider long-term and lengthen the timescale for the impact we make rather than focusing on short-term gains." Even if the full consequences won't be evident for years, we should take on the most important tasks."

Create Awesome Things

Zuckerberg aspires to deliver things that are superior to "good." This value reflects the company's goal of delivering products that are both inspiring and functional.

"Build Awesome Things encourages us to deliver products that are not only good but also awe-inspiring." We've already created goods that benefit billions of people, but in the following phase, we'll concentrate on motivating people. This standard of excellence should be applied to all we do." 

Reside in the Future

Zuckerberg sees a future in which one's physical location has no bearing on one's chances. Meta's commitment to being a "distributed-first" firm is defined by this value.

"Live in the Future" shows us how to create the future we want for distributed employment, where opportunity isn't limited by distance. This entails functioning as a distributed-first organization and becoming early adopters of future technologies we're developing to enable people feel present together regardless of where they are."


Respect and be direct with your coworkers.

Employees should have more meaningful conversations with one another, according to Zuckerberg. This value attempts to lead the team in that direction while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of maintaining respect.

"Be Direct and Respect Your Colleagues" is about cultivating a culture of candor and willingness to have difficult conversations with one another. At the same time, we are courteous, and we understand that many of the world's leading specialists work here when we give input."

Me, Meta And Metamates

Meta workers will be referred to as "Metamates" by Zuckerberg. This value focuses on developing a stronger sense of community.

"Meta, Metamates, Meta, Meta, Meta, Meta, Meta, Meta, Meta, Being excellent stewards of our company and mission is important to me. It's about our shared sense of accountability for our team's performance and for one other as teammates. It's about looking after our business and each other."


The following is what Zuckerberg writes at the end of his letter:

"At the end of the day, values are what we hold each other accountable for every day, not what you publish on a webpage." As we begin to work on the next chapter of our firm, I invite everyone to think about these values and what they mean to you."

Source: Mark Zuckerberg


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